Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions

by cenotaph

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Analbead Steve
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Analbead Steve Well measured fucking brutality. Favorite track: Cenotaph - Antagony of Embriotomia.
Diogenes of J
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Diogenes of J memorable and brutal! one of my favorite BDM releases so far for 2017
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/i/ A Slamming Suffocation, in two meanings! Technical, versatile, energetic. No flaw in the ardent performance. The composing is intricate like a maze in a murder house, full of thrill and horror. Raw and heavy tone smells like the pond of rotten blood, reminding me of early Suffocation! Great brutal death metal. This will be on the end of the year list. Favorite track: Cenotaph - Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions.
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released June 6, 2017



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Track Name: Cenotaph - Rancid Gluttonous Morbid Obesity

Presence of parasitic worm agony fermented tape worm colony inside the bowels
Plexus leading to caecum congestion through viscera
Copro fermentation ,disabled anal sphincter
Ingestion failure , high bowel gas accumulation through chyme decomposition
Fatal peristalsis end , blood cells extravasation
Impregnates the gut walls , effervescence fecal goulash
Interaction of pus , organs , blood and shit
Rancid - smelling of fermentation
Hideous festering sore generates purulent matter
Pungent suppuration putrefy the ulcerated mass of flesh
Track Name: Cenotaph - Asphyxiated Embryonic Abnormalities

Neurologic abnormalities
Postpartum haemoglobin becoming less through umbilical cord
Perinatal mortality effects after the embryonic stage
Brain and pathways begin to asphyxiate
Lack of oxygen and nutrients through the placenta
Immune dysfunction to survive
Syndrome to mental abnormalities
Fail adaptation to extrauterine life
Loss of first breath after birth
Dna functions erased suddenly
The pulmonary resistance is dramatically reduced
Congenital anomalies increasing suddenly
Track Name: Cenotaph - Parasitic Worms & Prenatal Cranial Deformation

Animal kingdoms true lowlifes
Feed of living hosts
Causing a range of horrible disease
Infecting undetected for years
Eat us humans from the inside out
Producing fetile eggs
Enter the human body through mouth ,anus and skin
Species attaching themselves to the intestinal tract
Prescence of digestive enzymes egg shells are dissolved
Releasing a brand new worm
Producing a protective keratin layer to survive inside body
Rotting lymphatic system from the inside
By excreting toxins after feeding flesh
Deformed human gastrointestinal tract
Intestinal helminth infection
Intestinal obstruction , insomnia , vomiting weakness
Unable to medical help
Infected embryo during pregnancy
Worms infested the unborn fetus
Eating the cranial from inside out
Headless dead born mutation
Track Name: Cenotaph - Syndromes of Deadly Endogenous Intoxication

Hemodynamic consequences
Endophagy among internal organ anatomy , shortness of breath
Intoxicated syndromes of cranial failure
Septicemia severe pathogenic organisms in the bloodstream
Abnormal white blood cell count
Coagulation pathways, cause damage to the vascular organs
Progress to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome to death
Multifocal necrotizing leukoencephalopathy
Pulmonary dysfunction, , decreased urine production,rotten mental status
Surgical drainage of infected fluid collections
Organ dysfunction results from local changes in blood flow
Systolic and diastolic heart failure
Bacterial infection of the heart valves
Septic gored patients
Toxicated oxygen delivery to the tissues
Oxidative stress and dysfunction
Rapid loss of brain function slow decay & dead
Causing paralysis of the affected skeletal muscles
Injected victims with a deadly overdose of drugs
Unsterilized oxidation on festering bodies
Bestial agelast on surgeons face
Track Name: Cenotaph - Antagony of Embriotomia

Sick mutilaton of fetus
Removel from the uterus
Dissection of embryo
Grusome dismemberment
Horrid examination
Reduction of the head of an impacted dead fetus
Craniotomy , decapitation of living organism , cleidotomy,
Brutal evisceration of congenital anomalies
Unhuman behave of life
Impending rupture
Obstructing pelvic tumours
Consumed genital tracts
Perforation of cranium
Cephalotritic phase on birth canal
Neglected torso ,dead through birth
Gutteral abdominal viscera
Transformation to waste form
Unrecognized life form through the fatal fate of embrytomic scissors
Track Name: Cenotaph - Multi-Organ Failure Epidemie

Virus interferes with the endothelial cells
Blood vessel walls become damaged and the platelets are unable to coagulate
Succumb to hypovolemic shock
Transmitted through bodily fluids,saliva and urine samples
Isolation unit causes outbreaks among animal populations to human race
Victims are infected,helpless burial rituals
Uncontrolable epidemie spreading
Disease becomes contagious through dispose dead bodies
Symptoms start with dysfuncion of organs
Blood cangrene mutilate the innards,flesh eating bacteria
internal and external bleeding on infected bodies
Span of time from onset of symptoms to dead 13 days
Undergo systemic multi-organ failure
Forced to bleed contionusly through open wounds and suffering
Isolation unit is down
Ebola haemorrhagic fever , highly contagious disease
No treatment possibility to grusome dead
Track Name: Cenotaph - Dismembered Unborn Species

Decomposing placenta ,decapitated extraction through birth canal
Obstetric surgery dismemberment of the dead fetus
The head is grasped and crushed
Pus and blood flow outside ,utero stretched
Remaining body parts are grasped and pulled out
Loss of skin , distortion of the features during retention in the uterus
Fucked through the damaged macerated head of her decomposing fetus
She asphyxiated and gurgling blood through her last breath
Exposure of toxins and infection
Fatal genetic mutation and absurd anomaly
Emulgent purifying bile pseudocyesis symptoms of dead
Bacterial purulent suppuration through mucopurulent endocervical exudate
Gonorheal infection , intermenstrual pus bleeding
Left to rot after severe mutilation in formaldehyde tank
Track Name: Cenotaph - Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions

Sadomasochistic paraphilial psychopathology
Unusual pervert sexual interests
Sexuoerotic embellishment ,
Between the normal and abnormal
Sexual psychopath , inflicting humiliation
Symptomatic extensive syndromes to sodomy
Schizophrenic sick obsessional reactions
Psychotic mental disorders
All performed under bizarre circumstances
Necrophilia, sexual sadism, and fetishism
Instinctive wish to punish the object of sexual attraction
Perceived lack of respect
Enjoyment of the pleasure of pain
Algos - lagnia / pain - lust
Perverse sexual development
False psychologic characteristics dynamics collapsed on psychic origins